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About Me

I am an Aberdeen based photographer specializing in all forms of landscape, urban, abstract, still-life and portrait photography. Originally a school teacher I made the career change to become a photographer because of my love of the outdoors and a desire to be visually creative. Living in Scotland has given me endless opportunities to photograph the beautiful , striking and dramatic vistas that present themselves.

I try to see something different in our everyday world; sometimes things that we pass unnoticed can be made incredible by looking at it from a different perspective….

The joy of finding somewhere new to explore…………..to photograph and share with others….

The concrete jungle…a combination of environmental and human phenomena that coexist together… 

Not everything we see makes sense…nor should it have too. Abstract imagery is a visual language of shape, form, colour and line.

All the images found in the different galleries are available for purchase. To find out more information regarding the sizes, costs and shipping please click on the image that you are interested in.

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